IASBS Conference 2007

IASBS group in Banff, Alberta

In August, the World Conference of the International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies (IASBS) took place at the University of Calgary. The theme of the conference was "Neither monk nor layperson - The Spirit of Jodo Shinshu." While other Buddhist organizations are importing other forms of practice - Zen-style meditations, Hindu Yoga, Western Psychology, European Japanization - and seem to be doing better. There has become a slow fragmentation of Jodo Shinshu within the international scene. Delegates were asked to address this concern.

Over 100 participants attended the conference from all over the world. Twenty-five presentations were delivered from attending Shin Buddhist scholars. The guest was Professor Naito from Ryukoku University in Kyoto. The University of Calgary, Asian Studies Group, sponsored the visit of Professor Naito.

Sensei Rinban Matsubayashi (former BCC Bishop)

Sensei Grant Ikuta with Sensei Seikiya from Hongwanji, Kyoto (center two)

Sensei Kikuchi, Prof. Hoyu Ishida, Socho Fujikawa, Sensei Rinban Matsubayashi, Mrs. Matsubayashi, Tabitha Kobata

Lucy Yoshioka, Rocky Oishi, Lori North, Sensei Ulrich